First Name: Saej /sāj/

Surname: Forey

Nickname/Alias: (none)

Age: 21

Visual Age: 20's

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Occupation: Gardener

Class: Mage

Sub-Class: Healer

Title: Miss

Affiliations: (none)

Thak: A mangy looking tom with golden eyes. They remind her of the eagles of her home. He comes and goes, always looking worse for wear. When he's around he's kind and likes to be petted though he never stays for longer than a night before heading off into the streets again. If Saej was to guess she'd put him at 3 or 4 years old, though she's no cat expert.


Height: 5'4"

Weight: 116 lbs

Hair Color and Style:
(Naturally red hair. Dreadlocks mixed with curly, frizzy hair. Beads and wraps throughout. Basically like an craft supply place exploded on her head.)

Eye Color:

Build: Average

Complexion: Light freckles on the bridge of her nose, her cheeks, and her shoulders. Youthful skin.

Scars: Regular childhood and working class scars, none of particular interest

Disabilities: Suffers from mild paranoia and lapses of sanity due to drug addiction and the various drug effects

Tattoos: (none)

Voice: Raspy but light

Resistances: (none) 


Saej has a good heart but her mind goes a mile a minute. She is a lot of things and sometimes both sides of the spectrum at once, though it seems to work for her as when it comes down to it she's guided by morals and kindness. One could call her genuine.

People come and go through her life. Saej has a hard time being around the depressive, consistently gloomy, or rude. Her first instinct is to lend an ear and try to understand them, as she has the tendency to pry and prod, but once she understands their motives she's quick to leave them. Those types of people, to her, are bland. A good word to describe her is flighty and impulsive. Without a moment’s notice, usually on a whim, she writes someone out of her life. No hard feelings right?

That being said she loves people, loves to learn from them and hear all about their lives. Saej can be very trusting to someone right off the bat and is usually very gullible. She has a warm and open nature as she treats everyone like an old friend.

Naturally quick witted with a penchant for sarcasm, she always has something to say; while she is kind in general her mouth can get ahead of her sometimes leading people to feel insulted if they don't know about her . Most of her witticisms are made jokingly, a true clown.

In Ironham her youth was spent in a haze of smoke, powder, and the occasional fungus.
The drug use has made her mind a little foggy; she can be forgetful and becomes confused easily. From many a night of fungus her mind is warped, she succumbs to daydreams often and has suffered from bouts of disorientation brought on from mild hallucinations.

When she's on her drug of choice, the grigo, she becomes slightly paranoid, if put in an unfamiliar situation while she's on it she looks for things that don't make sense and can almost always delusionally find them. Depending on how high she is this could end with her cowering in fear like a child or "stealthily" sneaking away from the situation.

Habitual tobacco smoker. Likes to drink, rowdy drinker. 






(worn underneath the doublet)




(worn staff with a minor crystal, small blade on the end)


(on the go)

(at home)



Many piercings, taken out and put in at will
Crude pipe for smoking tobacco



 Specialization: Herbalist, she has a rudimentary knowledge of plants used to heal wounds and minor sicknesses

Botany: she can successfully grow common herbs, vegetables, and flowers
Brawling:  she has basic fighting skills and can be a match for someone 3 to 4 inches taller than her  


Specialization: Healing, this only includes flesh wounds and not wounds of magic.

"Heal Cloud": Can remotely cast a healing spell that heals minor cuts and restores a limited amount of stamina. Leaves her fatigued and dizzy.
"Healing Hands": Up close and personal healing, can heal major wounds but painful and leaves a scar. Medium and less wounds vary in pain and scar left behind. Leaves her fatigued and dizzy.

"Human Matchstick": She hasn't branched out of magic much more than healing but she can conjure a flame between her fingers. It takes some concentration usually, but sometimes she can do it with a snap of her fingers. One of her favorite bar tricks is to take a shot of hard liquor stuff, conjure the flame, and spit fire. Hand dully throbs for half an hour to an hour afterwards.

Certain crystals; gems; and rocks boost her magical abilities. 


Religion: She prays to the god of magic, the goddess of mountains and earth, invokes spirits of nature, honors her ancestors

Birthdate: Fall

Birthplace: Ironham

Family: Middle class parents, one twin brother

Born in Ironham, a mountain village of little note, where she was raised as 1/2 of a twin pair to well off merchants. Her mother would make poultices and tonics who then gave them to her father to sell and trade in other towns, as Saej got older would join him and by the time she was 15 she would sometimes go in his place. This inspired a love for travel and when she was 20 she left Ironham in search of more possibilities. For now she's settled down in New Clearston.

The End

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