Looks..Rule Your Life

We are all stuck in this mind controlling desperation for material things. You may think your not in this,but you are. And you just can't resist but to buy another Superdry top or those Jack Will shoes. Your so tempted by that Cath Kidston bag that you have to buy it,no matter what the cost.

So you wonder where all your money has disappeared to and you blame your loved ones on your money loss. So we all hunger and crave for as much luxury as we can afford. The brand name is what matters,you have to become a fashion freak just to get to a 'higher' point then other people. So you can feel 'better about yourself'. They think that means  basically if you've got something other people want,you'll make loads of friends and your better than everyone else. This is what it looks like to the untrained eye

But it actually means the opposite. To truth is they are desperate to have attention and everyone is drawn to it,no matter if it is a little of a lot. I am drawn to it and you are too. But some people are able to control it ,although this is mostly directed to teenagers.

I still buy these clothes but not as much as crazed shoppers,willing to buy the most expensive branded clothing item they can get their hands on. Yes, they may be nice and friendly but their personality will change over time.For example parents fight over things like: Some mums would fight over the last cereal box or the last peanut butter.

So you see,don't get sucked in by this. It is wise if you can stay away from it as  much and for as long as you can . No one can get rid of the sensation. So we have to restrain ourselves time and time again.

Shopping for branded clothes and other items is like a brand of drugs. Once you start,it's almost impossible for you to stop.


The End

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