Looking Inside

Some people's lives are like car wrecks, you know you shouldn't look but sometimes you just have to, you can't help it - imagine what it's like to get a look inside someone else's life, and discover what kind of person they really are, regardless of the image they try to portray to the outside world. What happens when their house of cards falls down around them? Who do they blame, how do they react - this will all have an impact on what happens next in their life, good or bad, right or wrong


The realtor had arrived moments before her and had already opened the door to the house.  The look on his face said it all even before she entered the property, but still could not prepare her for what she was about to discover.  They were gone, which under the circumstances, was the best news.  However when tenants do a midnight move they generally leave a mess.  As she entered the house and glanced around, mostly looking for damages, she was shocked to find what else had been left behind.  It was obvious what happened here, his wife, Karen, had taken the kids and the nicer furniture and left him.  Brent’s worldly possessions, if you could call them that, were all that was left.   One can’t help but feel sorry for the kids in this kind of situation. Bounced around from pillar to post so to speak, how will they turn out?  Will they remember any of this and are they doomed to repeat these same mistakes when they grow up?


Now her work begins, locks are changed, notices posted proclaiming the property abandoned.  No one has seen or heard from either of them and there is no contact information or note left as to how to reach them.  That would have been the mature thing to do, own up to your problems, try to come to some kind of reasonable agreement with your landlord, but these people are renters for a reason.   A quick tour of the house indicates someone in this marriage has a bad temper.  Holes in the wall, damaged vanity in the bathroom, a hole punched in the bedroom door, the master bedroom door forced open damaging the frame and the door, and that’s just the beginning.  What else went on inside this house and this marriage?


The End

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