Looking back into love

A song of longing and loss

There isn’t a sound

You took all the noise with you

I can’t seem to sleep without it

As the sun slowly stretches across the sky,
I wonder if I ever will sleep again

Sure the longing will fade

And acceptance will reign

But will the night still remain yours?



I can’t help myself

The temptation is too great

I keep finding myself looking back in to love

I stare it down

I strip it down

Until all that remains are a boy and a girl

Just needing wanting

But never having the words


I call into work sick

Tomorrow they can all know

Tomorrow I’ll have my story straight

But today I am stuck

And refusing to budge

Today I’ll carry my torch up high

Where no can see




So I belong to no one but me now

One day it will bring freedom

But not anytime soon

I’m feeling the absence of forever

What will replace it, never?

Never knowing love again?

Maybe just never knowing love from you again?



The End

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