Look-A-Likes in Everyday Life

Does someone look like someone else? Well, of course, everyone looks like somebody, but -- anyway, vent on your dopplegangers here.

Has anyone out there seen that Canadian TV show, Blood Ties?  If you have, then you know about Henry Fitzroy, the vampire of the story.  What if the centuries-old vampire was in your theatre class?  That's right, there's a Henry look-a-like in my school, and the resemblance is uncanny.  The best part is, he doesn't even know it... or does he?  Maybe he really is a vampire and he's the one the show was based on, or he's a shape-shifting alien who saw an appearance he liked and took it... he didn't seem to get my joke about lawyer fees, suggesting a stereotypical extra-terrestrial naivety...  but I'm getting carried away.  There's no way he could be a Canadian vampire or a shape-shifter from a distant planet.  Right?

The End

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