Look around you: What's happening in this world of ours?

My grandfather, Willard Squire, and my grandmother, Margaret Squire, are great people.  They stop at nothing to help his country and others, specifically Haiti.

We all know of the horrible earthquakes in Haiti recently.  Well, before these earthquakes, my grandfather and his wife, Margaret Squire, went to Haiti all the time.  They built schools there, as well as churches and hospitals.  They've also donated money.  Now you don't see a couple like that everyday.  Yeah, you might see people donate money, but how about go there?  Live there?  Build whole communities there?

If you have seen the children that were in the earthquake, then you would want to raise awareness, right?  Well, all those schools etc. that my grandparents built were gone.  Poof!  Just like that they were swallowed by the earth then spit out in such a manner that it would take years to repair.

My grandparents knew that.  My grandfather goes there weekly just to help pull kids out of the debri, just to see how everybody is.  To build back these communities.  Kids and adults in Haiti live a life of wishing.  Wishing not to be there.  But staying anyway.

My grandfather, other than doing work in Haiti, is a priest.  He is also a former military officer.  My grandmother works at a Hospin.  For those of you who don't know what a Hospin is, it's where people go when they're old and are about to die.  She tends to these people, plays boardgames with them, entertains them, etc.  They are both very nice people who live in Orlando, Florida in a retirement town type of thing.

If you saw the work they did everyday, then you people on your sorry butts watching television, playing video games, playing on the computer; you will feel guilty, and rightly so.  Because while you're wasting the time away, they'll be risking their lives in Haiti.

So get off your sorry butts and help.

The End

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