Explanation - A weary noteMature

Whatever works--that's always been my motto in life.

So, I'm making my way back from an ugly, stretched out hiatus. Sorry about the disappearance--for those of you who were wondering, if you did, where I'd run off to.

I had...an awful time learning that I was following my parents' dreams for me, and decided to go for what I've been wanting. After that I experienced a heavy loss that I'm still attempting to stand on my own two feet with recovery of. That's my absence condensed into two sentences. Just thinking about the whole thing gives me a train wreck in the head...

Since I haven't been able to write for quite some time (or what I have written wasn't...acceptable to put up onto Protag...yikes!) I've decided to make this little thing so I can start coming back into the swing of things. I've missed Protagonize so much, and with the build up of all these strange dreams I've been having (some have been lost to the fog of grief, so I couldn't write them down...sadly) hopefully I can make some headway.

With that said, wish me luck! Let's see if I still have a good story or two tucked away in my brain matter somewhere. (Can you tell I've been playing Vampire: Bloodlines - The Masquerade? Yeesh, those Malkavians have a way with words!)

The End

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