Lonely Together

 A shiver down my spine,
The silence hit me and hurt me again.
I tried so hard but I'll always fall away,
Will you stay?
I can't say you're gone 'till the day it comes.
I'm frustrated.

Lets be lonely together.

The words that they say still run through my veins,
The pain that they bring is a pain that will stay.
Will I fall to pieces or will I be okay?
The end is near,
Swallow your pride.

Lets be lonely together.

My hero fell apart as she looked into her heart,
She taught me to be strong,
She was the hero of my heart.
My hero inside was me,
I know how to hope,
And I always did.

Turn up the music as we feel the breeze on our necks,
We'll always be lonely,

lets be lonely together.

The End

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