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Lone Wolf

“It’s my life and I’m going to live it how I want.” People should not have to change their minds about anything regardless of how others may act towards them. Joining the navy was one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences that I have had in my life.

When I was in high school I didn’t want anything to do with the military. Yea, I was in Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, but did I want to join the real military? Hell no! I felt like the military was a bad choice all the way up until my senior year of high school.

I knew that might want to go to the navy if the full-time college and part-time job thing didn’t work out, but I wasn’t too sure. I went to college for about a year and it was great. I really got involved in my school. It was hard working and going to school though. My dad and I being at each other’s throats didn’t help the situation much either.

So, one day I decided to call a Navy recruiter. Two weeks later I told my dad that I was thinking about going into the navy. He took it well. He screamed at the top of his lungs and told me that I was not going to join the navy. He asked me why I would join the military in a time of war.

Truth is the country being at war was not something that I had thought about before joining.  But I didn’t care. All I knew was that I could get out of my dad’s house, live on my own, and still go to college while getting paid for it all.

When I told my friends, oh man did they get all political on me. “Why would you join the military and go to war for a president that we know you don’t support?” I told them that I had to use this as a stepping stone to where I wanted to be in life. The blank stares on their faces let me know that they still didn’t understand.

For three months they tried to talk me out of it.  Everyday they would ask me if I was scared and show me headlines in the paper about Iraq. Everyday I would give the same response. “I’m still going so drop it.” They were all against it and sad until the day I left.

Yea, by staying in the civilian world I could have continued going to college, lived on my own, and been just as happy as I am now but I have to live my own life and do something different. I don’t want to ever give in to somebody else’s demands or live someone else’s life.

My family and friends may have been against what I knew that I had to do, but in the end they all saw the bigger picture. They are all proud of me and can’t wait until the day that I return home no matter how long I stay.


The End

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