Little Moment

A short piece dedicated to an old friend.

I thought she sounded like a GP when we first met - she simply smiled and laughed with me on that cold winter morning. She always knew how to make me smile, and she talked with me when she had the time.
That was around five years ago, and we are still very good friends. She always had something fascinating to say, always a good book and a wise word or two (as well as a choice slap here and there).
I feel almost impelled to write this simply out of a sense of honour. She has always been a close ally, and I have never been able to thank her enough for the things she has done.
Looking back on my frenzied high school days (that were of such a bizarre nature, now I come to think of it), I can remember that she was always a stalwart pal - such wit and wisdom has followed her through the years, despite her occasional beliefs otherwise, and will serve her well in the future.
I suppose that in a way I have always looked up to her - she was, is, and always will be one of the most remarkable and brilliant human beings upon this vast earthen marble in the endless void...

Ahem. Dramatic, much?

But if you are reading this - if you know that I am writing about you, and you recognise this, just remember that I will always cherish that first day when I said you sounded like a GP, and you laughed, and we walked.
If only to prove that the smallest serendipities in life lead to the strongest friendships.

The End

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