Little Conversation

When I walked in that colorless room, years ago, did you look at me and dismiss me? Did you see my tanned toned thighs and my perfect cascade of dyed ringlets and want to shy away? 

Thats how I felt when I met you. You were smiling and humming to yourself when no one was watching. You're eyes glowed with happiness without any make up, and you were full of non caffeinated energy. I saw you and I thought you wouldn't want to talk to a girl like me. You had everything, what could you ever get from me?

I'm surprised we talked. I'm surprised you leaned over the counter just to say to liked posture- which made me come closer, and ask why you would say that. I never would have guessed we both loved body language, and acrobatics, and we both thought the word "dribble" sounded like what "drool" means. 

I found you exotic. Enticing. You were just the right amount of gentle that my defenses didn't block you out when you moved in. That takes a bit of nerve. You weren't scared away by the teeth of my personality or appearance, but made a b-line for my heart- the safe haven. I soppose I can say I was distracted, trying to understand your internal complications. You are like a jungle inside. You have so many smooth trunks, gracefully wrapping around. So many releases and tensions, and little details one would miss first glance. The rare wild parts hide with noise, and come out when no one's watching.

I thank you. Because no one else of your kind dared. Your kind is soft and sweet. Fragile to claws, safety first. You are quick to retreat, and recant. I thought your kind hated me. I thought we were just differences that couldn't be solved. But you bridged the gap with your intricate jungle vines, pulling me in and letting me climb. 

I've learned a lot from you. I've learned misunderstanding is the greatest poison. I've learned I don't have to be ashamed of the mask I wear. In nature, flowers use bright colors to lure in bees. But I've also learned bright colors are a sure warning of poison, and can give off false warning. I've learned to channel my appearance as I desire, luring in the good and warding off the bad. You have a different approach. Jeffery Pines require one to step up and smell the inner creases to find the sweet vanilla smell. I had to have the patience to find the beauty in something so commonly overlooked. Only the ones that take time find paradise. I've learned to accept the differences in our kind as only difference.We aren't better or worse, but strong in different places. 

But I could never have met my best friend, if it wasn't for that one initial step. We could have been worst enemies or strangers, but its funny what a little conversation will do. A wild jungle isn't complete without both virbrant and subtle. 

The End

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