She shot another arrow. To bad for them. They must feel quite the shock to find an arrow in their chests. Draste thought. Trystann had almost reached the stage. Another guard down. Draste heard the crunch of the gravel behind her. She pulled out her dagger from her boot and faced whoever had come.

"Stand down," a voice said to the left. The voice was deep and familiar to Draste.

"I thought you said you would never return, " she whispered as she turned to face him, "Collin."

Collin stood next to her. "Yes, but maybe I heard about Trystann's 'assassination' attempt, " Draste turned back to the execution, "Which was a sham, by the way," he whispered in her ear as she released another arrow. Draste smiled as another guard fell. "I'm guessing you know how this is going to end?" she asked.

"Yes, " he said grimly, " I do know."

The End

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