This is not your average fantasy story. Atleast I hope that it won't be average! Anyways, this is a story about 3 people, it's about love, and betrayal. Sad combination isn't it?

Draste unsheathed her bow. Down below her, a crowd had gathered to watch. As far as she knew, no one knew she was up here.

"I hope he knows what he is doing," she whispered.


He looked up from the ground. There was a small stage like stucture that the people were pushing him to. Before he even got to the stage, a man had kicked him, children threw rocks at him, and the pompus man on the stage called out his name, "Trystann, last name unknown, you are here by sentenced to death, reason of assassination, unknown. But let it be known through out Lithian, that this man attempted to assassinate our beloved king," as he finished, Trystann finally made it up to the stage.
"Any last words, scum?" asked the man as he wrapped the noose around his neck.

"This," Trystann paused, and looked up at Draste, winked and said, "Is just the beginning."

The End

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