List of things I would never, ever, do

It's all in the title.

This is a list of things I would never, ever, do.

Bite the hand that feeds me.
Kick a puppy.
Eat someone.
Suck on my friend's toes(?)
Take a bath with my laptop.
Put "Fruit of the Loom" unders on my head and scream like a little girl.
Stuff a battery up my nose.
Eat boogers.
Suck on my friend's hair.
Tear a book.(Math book's don't count)
Burn a book.(Math books don't count here either. Because I've already burned a math book!)
Say a swear word on purpose.
If I ever get to be an evil overlord then when my plans get thwarted, I will never. Ever. Never say "No! I am INVINCIBLE!" (Death is usually almost instant)

To be continued...

The End

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