LiL RedMature

another rap about that girl - LiL Red

The excitement you bring is in exaggeration

Because you don’t even give me any inspiration

So I look at this situation and it gives me some slight hesitation

Well yeah I needa move on to other girls

But can I have some standards, like this girl aint even wearin pearls

And your hair is in such a sad disgrace cuz im usta lookin at such luscious curls

And well shucks my eyes are still locked on lil red

But my dreams are hopeless cus I aint never gettin her into bed

So just lemme stop this nonsense and hide behind a curtain of dreads

Chorus/interlude – man my love life aint goin nowhere, but hey at least im outta this crazy ass nightmare, oh wait I hear her teary cry and im startin to sigh

So I guess I thought this was over, come on over red rover

But naw this aint over she’s sending a bull dozer

This bitch be knocking down stop signs and her quake is as loud as Nicki Nova

This girl seriously looks like a model that could also kill ya with a broken bottle

All l want to do is turn up the throttle cuz this town im in needs a fucking remodel

So say goodbye and look at me pull off my nice little waddle

Well I guess this is the end of the story, im gonna pce and go watch some Maury

I think the only thing im looking for is for you to say sorry

You look at me like I should tell you why, come on bitch you just threw me off 3 storey’s 

The End

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