life what is it

i had a reality check today im 12 youd think some one like 18 or 19 would think this but what happened to growning up i wonder .it seems like a year ago i was 3 4 5 years old and id just learne how to do so much next thing you know youre 30 with 2 kids a husband and tons or ppl that have come in and out of your life i mean what happens to your life in respect i can change the world so can you any one can if you want to so live your life and hope it goes well as loing as your hppy and with people who love you that sounds like a good life to me. who cares what type of car or clothes or ouse you have .if you do your caught up to much in the ways of this world think bout it there millions of ppl that have nothing but thee always happy .so ive made the decision if i love get hurt thats life ill go with it if i hate ill do that if i care i care do what you want do give a dog butt about what other people think so dont think just act casue you cant regret what you do cause thats just wating your life .who wants to do that may i ask life is live it lovee it learn from it

The End

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