The awakening

Just feelings,nothing but a story of hope .

Life of a man

Those hands that were once closed and formed bloody fists ready to hit anyone standing in their way, are now full of wisdom and loyalty to those who reached out to them and supported their journey, because a life of research and unnecessary battles he led against invisible demons to the naked eye, but perceptible and real in his heart. They brought him unhappiness and dissatisfaction that he embraced his entire life to forget his sad story.

Each day he found comfort in sadness and loneliness ... This was his way of living his distress, all hidden in the shelter under his armor of anger, rage, fire and blood , he endured all that without ever crying because he knew he wanted more than anything to live free and happy. For him, his search for happiness was a lost cause and dreams shattered by the limits imposed by his murderous impulses he fed all his life in respect of someone he could never forgive ... his father.

Despite all the evil he had seen, heard and experienced , he knew that the magic would continue to exist as long as it would feed his hopes to live happily one day . Each day was hard to live because he saw the man gradually destroy himself in his search for power and one day, vengeance became his only goal and he ended up meeting the narcissism of his own person... and yet that he hated so much to an extent of despair, he forgot compassion and honor shown to others. Everything happens for a reason he continued to say, even  death... death of his best friends,brothers and sisters. The pain kept only plunging him into an endless darkness that continued to grow on him with time until...

Until one day, a day he gave up on love and happiness, he lost to the darkness. Alone he fed his demon everyday and lost the image of who he wanted to be. Life had betrayed him or he did ? Only love could save him..  the love he would never have, and so he thought, but the truth was that he already had found it. In his times of misfortune he regreted these day's because maybe he was happy, but he never knew it... There was no book on what being happy ment, smiling was a pain, laughin and caring for others. He felt so unatural to fake his pleasure when all he felt was anger inside and bitterness towards humanity.

Deep inside he never gave up totally, life kept an eye on him and in some ways there was a mysterious energy flowing trought his veins. When all was lost, he could still see these beautiful things hidden in this world he was living in, he found a light, he started taking responsability for his actions and stopped blaming everybody around him for the things he  had done. 

you only realise when its too late and the people you loved are gone and the times you were truly happy are in the wheel of time and space.

The End

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