Saturday May 12thMature

It's 1:23am when I am writing this. I've been hyper these past few days, I think it's from the anxiousness of testing next week, it's gonna be long. And we have to be quiet! That's the worst, to have to be quiet for 4 hours. I'm shopping with my fashionable Aunt Sara tomorrow for a dress and accessories for the Semi-Formal dance June 2nd. Its on my bf's birthday tho, so while I'm out I'm getting him his present so I have it and I don't have to worry about going back out and wasting gas money. I recently got my hair cut, I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not...I probably have and forgot but ah well, it's short! Barely to my chin! It's never been this short before, I probably look better with my long hair that reached my mid back but at least with this short hair it's easier to wash and I don't have to pull it into a ponytail when it's real hot outside.

My friend, Caleb, boyfriend, Jerry and I went to see the opening night of the High School Musical 2 production at our school and it was fun, Mustafa who was in it kept tapping my shoulder and messing with me during the play when he had to move through the crowd. Overall on a critical note the play was alright, not the best one but it was still fun and worth every laugh. I saw my friend Sarah, she was continuing a tradition that the 9th graders return to the middle school to see the production of the next play.

My brother is riding the regular us with me, so my parents worry about him being picked on. And some kids were manipulating him to do some nasty gestures, and I told my ma and she talked with him about since he should recognize when people are his friends or when they are messing with him. My dad talked with me about the situation and said, "Do whatever it takes to get them kids to stop picking on your brother. I don't give a damn if you have to beat the daylights outta 'em." and then I'm joking and say, "I will cut them." in a Bon Qui Qui voice, and my dad stopped and paused like I was serious and said, "ok, don't cut them but you can beat them." Whatever, gives me an excuse to beat someone into the ground, I haven't had a decent fight with anyone since last year so I'm more edgy. MWAHAHAHAHA! (still hyper)!

The End

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