Friday April 27thMature

Tomorrow I'm having my best friend Marisa over for a sleep over, today I had just a lot of drama that was built up inside and I just basically went to my theatre arts teacher and she helped me through the last few classes of my day so I'm extremely thankful to her. My boyfriend and I decided to go to the school's dance: 8th Grade Semi-Formal, it's June 2nd a Saturday, which is why I was kinda if-y about it afterwards since it's his birthday and I didn't him to feel like he HAS to go if he doesn't want to on his birthday. He said he still wanted to go so I'm still hesitating about going off with my fashionable aunt to look for a dress.

I have entered my poem for the Poetry Live Night at my school and I'm nervous when the night comes...I don't have stage fright but my major problem is that when I speak or read, in my head it's fluent and the words have emotion...when I say it aloud I sound like I have a mono-tone voice and it's blank, so that's what I need to work on the most.

I have recently seen the Hunger Games movie and I must say it was very enjoyable. It was the only movie I wasn't disappointed in that was based on a great novel, so I was glad, my mom can't wait to see it either, it was really good at one point where I nearly cried and that takes a lot for me to cry.

I realize this entry is very out-of-order (which entry is in order?), but I think it's because my mind is having those "mind-fuck" moments where I hear, see, feel, say, or taste something that makes me go to myself and ask, "What the hell am I doing?". That happened a lot today and I think that's because my clock was tampered with because I set it to go off at 5:30am, but the actual time was changed and the clock said 5:30am, but in reality it was 4:30, so I ate cereal but we didn't have regular milk so I had to use sugary chocolate milk in those disposable bottles, and so I was awake FAST, then I guess I grew into more of a hyper-ness that was rushed. Like I thought things moved too slow or I could tell I was just fidgety...I went to the office this morning to see if my neutral friend had my phone, and I had to go to the office because she was a seventh grader and I didn't know where she was or supposed to be, so I sat in the office and as I waited for a slow seven minutes perhaps, I got so bored I questionably crawled under a faculty member's desk...I blame the cereal and waking up too damn early. Then I sat back in the chair and thankfully she had my phone with her in her pocket so I was thankful and we went back to class...

My friend-who-is-like-a-sister-to-me, Nori, is now dating my friend Caleb and they seem like a good couple. My boyfriend and I were talking about it one day in art and how good of a couple they were and then randomly he asked, "How long you think they'll last?" we agreed about "a few months" they do make a good couple but more in a way like "in-the-moment" sort of thing. (I know I'm explaining things confusingly...I think, and just bear with me..I had sugar therefore full responsibility goes to my clock for messing me up on schedule).

The End

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