Saturday April 14thMature

Today is Saturday...I wanted a head start on this up-coming week but I'm not entirely sure if I should be writing this at 1:08 in the morning. Ah well... so WAY later on today more in the evening my friend Paul is creative enough to come up with this brilliant idea for the clue sorta performance we are doing for his dad's guests late tonight. I am given the role of the maid, thankfully I can just use the dress piece of Red Riding Hood I was for a Halloween party. Hopefully all the people who play an important role tonight will be well enough to even attend.

Today I just hung out with Paul and Caleb and it was fun just chillin' with the guys. He tried to teach me how to play some kind of Mario game with mini-games within the game. I was extremely confused because I can't even win past robots who beat you with giant hams on bamboo poles in a SpongeBob SqaurePants video game.

My spring break is officially OVER! (*heavy cry*) I have a Science project on wetlands due Wednesday so Monday and Tuesday I really have to put all my effort into making it attractive and neat because other than decorating the poster board I have all the information I need to have to put on the poster.

Wish me luck! And best hopes for you as well!

The End

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