Wednesday April 11thMature

Me and my family members: mother, brother, grandma, uncle, uncle's girlfriend, and their two kids, my cousins, and we invited my boyfriend along with my friend, who I am so happy to be back from the hospital, Mike, we went to the Museum of Life & Science. It was fun riding the train for the first time ever there, I saw my Mimi (other grandma), who works there. We ate insects and I don't care what anyone says, they were rather tasty. So it was a busy, rushed fun day.

Today I also remember a very sad anniversary. For two's only been his and mine secret. His name is James. It's not a secret about what happened but it is a secret we kept to each other about what happened afterwards. I have hated myself for what happened but like every other panicked person would do we lied and kept it quiet between us. He was my first...a few months ago I learned he got arrested, I don't know the situation because I was home and he was in Virginia, but I know he is locked up now. He's not a bad guy, yeah we've made bad decisions but does that really make you a bad person? I guess with all that emotion expressed things just spill or from any reminder of him. And last year the anniversary for what we did haunts me. I hate what we had to do to cover it up, but we weren't even close to ready...he was 14 going on 15, and I was just 12. Now it's like everything is just being taken away from me; like the people who I have loved the most in my life in my past, are leaving or being taken and it's hard to know you had put your all into someone, even though yeah you are young and it's not supposed to be that absolute yet but in the moment you feel like it's the best and only the best thing that could ever happen.

That's it for now, until next time.

The End

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