Friday April 6thMature

I'm beginning to think this will turn into a weekly sort of thing since most days of the week are the busiest.

My left thigh is injured, we don't know what's wrong with it, we think it's most likely a pulled muscle from over a few weeks, but what really got the pain was during High Jump and my leg went weird and I landed on the bar and my lower back was hurting. Anyway, I couldn't run Wednesday for Track, it got cancelled anyway due to stormy weather, but while we were sitting on the bleachers waiting and watching other teammates in their events I was talking with my friend Paul and boyfriend Jerry. They had just noticed I had my thigh wrapped, it was also fun since we were sitting on the top bleacher but Jerry stood behind it and he lightly tapped my bandage and said, "I hate this thing, it hides your beautiful skin." I was thankful the sun was still out and beating on us so he wouldn't see my blush so red. When the first thunder cracked we were ordered off the bleachers and had to keep the girls' track coach, Coach Jones, we had to keep her umbrella from flying off.

Today is the official day of my spring break, and there will be no break in my spring! I am now of age to get my golf cart license in Virginia where we camp out most days in spring and summer so we are spending some days up there. When? I have no idea. I have my brother's birthday on the 9th, my loving and amazing Gamma's birthday on the 10th, she's turning 59. Yea, two birthdays back-to-back. But on the 9th is also my anniversary with my boyfriend so i guess it depends on what me and him do since its dependent on what my brother wants to do. Then me, my brother, and my mother attend this get-together for Easter every year with my God Mother, Tracy (My mom's best friend since childhood), and her family and extended family in her mother's house and it's fun to be around them so it's going to be a fun week. Next Saturday, not this upcoming Saturday, but NEXT Saturday my friend Paul invited me to do this thing with him and Jerry, Noah, Caleb and other people. He said it was like real-life Clue so I'm interested in how it plays out because I have always loved that game, especially on rainy night (makes me feel like a real detective), and I saw a movie based on Clue and it was HILARIOUS, I forget all the major actors names though but it was a good laugh.

My school is having it's annual Poetry Slam, all poems must be turned into our media center by the end of April and the Poetry Slam will be held in early May. My Language Arts teacher, Ms. G. is really encouraging me to participate this year since I haven't for the past two years, I'm waging on the idea, but I'll have to talk with her about it when I return from break.

The End

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