Thursday March 29thMature

Girls track won from yesterday's meet! Of course, dress up day...that morning I had planned on dressing up in this dark blue dress with tan/yellow sparkle like stars speckled on it. Yea it was a little low in the from but I clipped it up and had over a sweater to cover my revealed shoulders. I walked into my kitchen and first thing my mother did was peck at the dress and repeatedly said "No. Take it off, go change!" The rest of the day she made me feel like I was a whore. I know she doesn't think of me that way, but sometimes parents can make you feel at fault whether you should feel that way or not.

Today at school we received report cards. :/ my grades are alright...just one C and one B and the rest are A's. Hoping I can get by with that low C. It's only Algebra...yea education is important I know, but that class, the students are so disruptive and distracting it's hard to pay full attention. Plus it's only the tests I have problems on, I do excellent on homework and classwork it's just the quizzes. Since this is the last quarter I'm going to study more just for the tests and quizzes. 

Monday night, my friend, Mike, and I were texting...then I had fallen asleep. The next morning when I checked my phone for texts he left five texts that said he was arrested because his mom called the cops and sent him somewhere. I checked my email during BCT (useless computer class), and he sent me an email saying he loved me and my boyfriend and that he was safe and he was going to be okay. I miss him, I haven't had contact with him since Monday, and from what my boyfriend said earlier this week my friend is at Duke hospital and I think it's because they saw cuts on his arm. I really hope he is alright.

The End

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