Tuesday March 20thMature

Track practice: cancelled. Thank you GOD! My thighs have been very sore and it effects my running. Today we took our CA test on Language Arts, tomorrow is Algebra, and Thursday is Science. So exciting! But overall today was boring and slow. During fifth period, Algebra, the intercom came on and said, "Send Kaitlyn to sign out." I was taken back by surprise at first so but I thought, "YAY!" I quickly got my backpack on then it came back on and said, "Never mind just send her to the office." I was disappointed about that and said aloud, "Well that sucks." Then I heard laughter when I exited the room. Turns out I just needed to get eight dollars from my mom and take it to my social studies teacher so I can attend our next field trip on the 30th of March to see the high school production of Hairspray.

Today was like I mentioned earlier, boring! There was nothing to talk about in any subject.

The only thing worth meaning to mention was that Jerry invited me to play tennis on Sunday with some friends, Mustafa and Caleb. I asked my mom and she said that if Caleb's dad is going to drive and or be there I'm not allowed to go for my safety.

That's pretty much all worth mentioning because I don't want to make a simply dull day seem exotic when it's just plain.

The End

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