Tuesday March 13thMature

Not much to report.

Just had a funny day with some of my teachers. My science and social studies teacher my first two periods of the day. The first one, science, he was joking about how he bathed in the sink in the counter with the hose attached to it, and how he dried himself on the counter where my neutral friend, Griffin sat. Oh boy! The look on his face: priceless! I asked how he dried himself and he said he danced on the top of the table like some people used to dance on those commercials with the white button shirt and sock but no pants. My social studies teacher was playing Jazz music and old rock and decided to let me be the DJ for the class period and we planned to trade out some music tomorrow!

Tomorrow, is dress up day. A day to dress up if you're in a sport, in my case track. I am attending High Jump and 400 Meter.

This weekend is my birthday, March 17th!!! And so I'm having friends over for a little party. Hopefully everything will go alright according to plan!!! :)

The End

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