Monday March 12thMature

Today was average: nothing new, nothing old came up, I was just glad I could get under Amber's skin. When Jerry was more excited to see me than her and my neutral friend Logan had told me the look on her face trying to show she didn't care or if she was disgusted made me laugh.

I have my Gamma who supports me in ANYTHING. I explained the situation to her about Amber and I and she was supportive, funny and understanding about it. She said, "Yea, she don't have a chance!"

Anyways, today during track practice/study hall we had to discuss issues on why we lost our meet in the absence of our hilarious coach Jones. She wanted to make sure there was no drama between the girls team and the boys team and what happened Friday. (I wasn't attending school nor practice Friday so I was clueless during this discussion). We all had to tell her details about what was causing so much drama; I decided to step up and call out a girl who called me out in class saying I was a bitch. I heard one of the captions say, "I'm sorry, Kaitlyn." and it made me smile knowing someone who barely knows me could say that and it just means a lot. I found her later in practice and thanked her for saying that.

During social studies class today I decided to randomly reflect on a dream my good friend Marisa had told me she had one night. There were these different rooms and she had to open all the doors to the rooms before she could enter one. She mentioned students on our team(group of a grade level) at school and when she opened one a door that read "Ninja Killer" she saw me stabbing Jerry but instead of blood the word "NINJA" was coming out. She opened another door and her crush, my friend Paul, had asked her to marry her. She couldn't enter the room just yet and she said she would be right back after she opens the last door. It turns out the last door was her perverted friend Corey who dragged her in the room and raped her then she woke up nearly screaming. 

I told my mom and Jerry this story of the dream today on the way home from track practice and Jerry was only focused on me stabbing him and the word "NINJA" coming out.

Today was funny sorta I just wish the braces didn't hurt so I could smile without being in pain and having it scrap inside my cheeks.

The End

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