my life is not normally this down

One day he (my BFF) will like me back, even if it is just one day. =) I have been thinking a lot about him. mmm I'd rather be paid in BFF kisses and hugs than money. I have no use for money but he makes me all fuzzy inside.

I've been playing NQII for a bit I'm upto Nox's Fortress. ugh. not fun. But I just remind myself how awesome the prizes are for insane and I know I have to do it two more times after this to get said prize. I still have yet to complete NQI. I've had this neopets account for almost 10 years but I haven't always been active on it.

I'm not sure what classes I'm going to take for sure and fall quarter starts the 26th. I may just get the intermediate math and try to retake the placement test sometime this quarter because I honestly believe I did it already. I may just take CWII and Intro to Logic but we'll see if I feel like I need the intermediate math class then I'll take that instead of the writing since I already have the intro to logic book from a different semester and I didn't take it then. I want to finish up as quick as possible so I can transfer to UNLV and be the rebel I always was. I do have a chemistry book for the spring though. It's probably not really "technically" chemistry but I should take it since I can't find the receipt.

I would love it if Cabelas opened a store near Vegas. That way when I go there I can go there because I don't believe the entire company is racist just the store I used to work at, there was no one of color in any kind of a management position. I hope they change that though.

I'm gonna do my best to make my BFF like me but I can't force him to.

The End

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