life in the eyes of max the dog

"Max, Max come here boy" O Andréa, or mum, is back form work yay!! I lazily life my self up and run of to here. oooo Toby’s here to I think he was at a place called 'nursery' but he may secretly be a spy. Andréa’s strokes my face and my back. I roll on my belly, ah the good life. oooo Toby’s got a stick for me. "No Toby not inside" says Andréa. But Toby throws it anyway way. "No Toby what did I just say!?" then Toby starts getting water in his little eyes. How come Toby is smaller then me and he's 3 and I'm 2? o well he's still my big brother. "Meow" says mittens the kitten. oooo play, play, play. I run over to mittens "NO MAX!!!" yells Andréa. I stop but my tails still wagging. Mittens suddenly chases my tail. I then run round I circles. Andréa then pulls mittens away and says "BED!! MAX BED!!!" o what have I done wrong. Poor mittens, she’s trying to come play with me but Andréa is holding her to tightly. "Ha ha ha ha!" laughs Ralf another cat but I don't like him he's not nice. Suddenly the door opens and Henry, or dad, is back from work.

The End

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