It's Not Weird, It's Natural

Just like my fellow writer before me, I'm procrastinating, I can't bring myself to do my work whenever I have access to hundreds of authors and stories that can turn an imagination into a wonderland. So yes, I know what it's like to have the urge to type nonsense, and possibly use that nonsense to create a wonderful story that can bring your imagination to life, who knows?

The feeling of just running your fingers over the keyboard whether it be quickly or slowly is just...relieving.. No boundaries to abide by, no time limit since you can always come back to it, and literally ANYTHING that is within your head can be put into words and into a book, onto a sheet of notebook paper, or in this case, the computer screen.

Procrastinating is nice and i'm perfectly fine with it since in the end I'm still gonna finish my work. Just, sometimes, the urge to type nonsense or actual plot is just to much to ignore. I get that. And personally, I feel that is perfectly fine, who know, the one who procrastinates for writing may become the next big hit or bestselling author, you never know with life.

So yeah, there's my mini rant, so how about I present a question just to try to keep this going:

"Why do YOU, the reader, enjoy to read and/or write? What does it mean to you?"

The End

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