Life, Episode #1

Today was the day. Debrief.

Today was the day. Well, it hasn't ended yet. Sitting with my headphones on in front of a computer I've never felt more uncomfortable. I have that feeling that follows me wherever I go, the feeling I can't even describe. Like I am pursuing something I will never reach. Caught in the middle of the race called life. Exhausted. Old enough to see that there are no miracles and that some decisions cannot be unmade.

Today was the day. Watching BBC News capturing the moment - new Pope, new hope. Thousands in Rome, millions on twitter, #habemuspapam trending everywhere. And there was this man in white. Overwhelmed by the crowd and the burden, humble in speech and manners. So human. 

Today was the day. Third one with the White Duke. The most influential musician in decades. Back to the world with new material - brilliant farewell present I suppose. Nostalgic and energetic The Next Day is like a guide to his past experience. Taking this travel is worth recommending.

Today was the day. And I still haven't found what I'm looking for.


The End

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