life death or 50 squid

Jeb and Alex need jobs, how far will they go to win £50

Scene 1- the restaurant

Jeb: I'm feeling really sick after eating all that stuff!

Alex: oh I wondered where it all went, that cost me £10 you total and utter pig!

Jeb: patted his stomach hey they said it was all you can eat! how was i to know it was only if you ordered the buffay

Alex: And I see you added to that my desert, next time I'm not going to the toilet, I'm going to hold it in, it was for your benifit that I went too, look opens bag to reveal reels of toilet roll

Jeb: stares into the bag Huh? I don't need bog roll

Alex: Jeb we ran out three weeks ago! I've been visiting shopping centres just for a little poo! How the hell have you not noticed?

Jeb: well..I though you bought them fancy french towel things...

Alex: french towel things?

Jeb: yeah you know them things you wipe yourself with that are like little towels and not bog roll and you wash them and stuff.

Alex: Jeb, thats my flannel! Dear god tell me you havent! Oh why the hell did Di suggest you as a housemate?!

Jeb: aww come on Alex you know you love me really, plus how was i to know they was you 'flannels' makes quotation marks with his hands

Alex: Love you really? In your dreams! I swear to you, the second I get a job, I'm moving, and you'll be the one left living off your non-existant wage, wiping your arse, on facial clensers, speaking of which I now need a facial.

Jeb: huh? you can't move out! and i do have a wage, i just kinda spend it before i get it is all. And besides you waste money on facials and hair stuff and all that crappy stuff that takes up all the sides in the bathroom.

Alex: Wage? How is three days babysitting a tortoise a wage? And for your information money spent on personal hygene is never wasted, thats why I smell of lavender oil and primrose, and you smell of 3 day old pizza and the remains of a curry you found in the bins.

Jeb: waste not want not, and babysitting a tortoise is very hard work you know! he can bite your leg off if your not careful!

Alex: its not a ninja turtle, its a tortoise! And if I know Dan its a tortoise thats been dead a few months and he just hasn't faced facts yet!

Jeb: he's not dead rolls eyes in a duh emotion but he does play a good 'play dead' pose laughs to himself

Alex: so you spent three days babysitting a mimiture crash helmet, amazing! Your telents not wasted I see. You wouldnt know a real job if it bit you on the arse!

Jeb: ha says you! at least i get payed for babysitting a monster unlike you who gets mummy and daddy to pay for everything!

Alex: oh yes, thats bacause they are employed! Unlike somebodys parents. Anyway, not for much longer, I have an interview today.

Jeb: oh yeah where at? poundland? or that greasy 'chips are friends not food' place?

Alex: aww save you little tiny insults, I just happen to be, the next junior managing director at Markies cosmetics.

Jeb: at where? you sure thats even a genuin place?

Alex: They're an up and coming company, I wouldn't expect you to know, I'm exactly what they are looking for, looks like I'm heading for the big time while you stay in the flat, playing with your action man.

Jeb: leave Patrick outta this! and besides I've gotta interview today too, so up yours you snobby git.

Alex: oh excellent, if I ever want a big Mac I'll be sure to stop by!

Jeb: Har har har, very funny aint you? no im not gonna be working for mc ds I'm working for...a big place..

Alex: a big plaice? So YOUR working at a chippy?

Jeb: no, dean o's...

Alex: Deanos? As in Deanos butchers?

Jeb: no..Dean o's as in the dount shop

Alex: oh you surprise me, you really do. Oh well I suppose its a wage, althought why they would employ someone with enough cultures under their fingernails to but yakult out of buisness is beyond me, bey even so, how about a little bet?

Jeb: what kinda bet..i know what your like when it comes to bets.

Alex: your right, I win! And this will be no different, I bet you £50 that I can get a job before you do.

Jeb: alright then deal, £50 squid it is. spits on hand and holds it out to Alex.

Alex: Oh my god no!

Jeb: what you gotta shake or not deal.

Alex look around the table, picks up a serviette and puts it on Jebs hand, she than shakes hands.

Alex: may the best worker win.

Jeb: I intend to chick  

The End

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