Life As We Knew It My POV

       It is summer in the book, "Life As We Knew It." The weather, instead of getting hotter, is colder than ever before. The volcanic ash is blocking most of the suns rays, and the Protagonists garden Is starting to fail.

    How would you react? In this paper I will explain how I would react.

   The protagonist (As Usual), is a bit worried, but still no frantic. As I said last time, I would not be this cool about this. The only things she seems to worry about is family, friends, and food.

    I think the way the characters are acting is fine, but in reality this would not be happening. The government would have done something by now. With the way they are acting, they seem to be putting the important things first; Food, survival, family. 

   Again, I enjoy the book and I reconmend it to anyone who likes this genre of book.

The End

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