Life As We Knew It (My POV)

   In Life As We Knew It, the moon has been knocked closer to Earth and Things on earth aren't doing well anymore. It started in panic, then disasters. Volcanoes have even started to arise.

    How would you react? In This Paper I explain how I would react.

    Near the beginning, the protagonist says "If the world is going to end, I'm going to want cookies." while getting suplies for survival. I think this is a positive outlook on this event. I would definitely want cookies, but I wouldn't have this positive of an attitude to the subject.

   The Main Protagonist seems a bit fine that this is happening. She is worried about a few things, but not as much as I would have expected. If I was in this event, I would have been as scared as heck. I would probably Curl up in a corner in my room and wait for this to be over.

I beleive that this has very small chance of happening and I would never have to experience this, but this is still a neat thing to think about.

     Overall, I enjoy this book and I would reconmend it to anyone that likes this genre of book.

The End

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