Life As We Knew It (Chapters 11-15)

The chapters 11-15 were pretty intense. In chapter 10 we had this unanswered question of if Miranda would go to school or not. Chapter 11 answered this question. Miranda decides that she will go to school, but they're aren't a lot of high schoolers. I guess everyone decided they were going to flee while they can. There isn't a lot more to chapter 11. Then we get to chapter twelve and Miranda is trying to figure out whether being cold or hungry is worse. Then we run into the chocolate chip situat

   During this novel we have the theme of courage arising. Throughout what we have read, we see how hard it is to be brave in a time like this. The world might end, but you do't see everyone migrating like birds. Then when Megan dies, Miranda has to stay strong and move on. During this story Miranda says, "Just in case the world ends tomorrow, we might as well enjoy today." I think this shows how they have to keep going no matter the circumstance. 

    So in this novel, their world is changing. They have to go from living a normal life, to cutting down everything. I feel that because of the circumstance they are in they have to change the way they live. Since they might run out of food, they cut down food to save it. Also since the worlds ending, they might become crazy. They have to stay calm and protect each other. I feel this novel has made me realize what could maybe happen one day, and how I should respect everything I have. 

The End

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