Life As We Knew It 6-10

Throughout 6-10 you can tell there is a lot of drama going around like, Miranda's friend Megan she talks about how god shouldn't have made Beth die and because of the situation that is going on she starts talking about killing herself. Sammi decides to go somewhere else with an older guy that is way older than she really is, Sammi's mom only likes the old guy because he provides food. When Miranda started to realize how her mom has been cutting back on food for her own children, I personally would've done the same because, I rather be the one to die than my own kids. In the book it tells what the kids to everyday like one would plant or one would cut trees and because they don't have electricity they decide to do as much as possible to survive.  So if the world decides to almost end I would know what to do to try to survive.  Today in our community we barely have anyone to just enjoy the outside most kids stay inside and watch T.V. stuff like that in Life As We Knew It, they have no choice than to go outside because they always have blackouts. 

Miranda has been getting use to eating less so her mom can eat more than her so she has talked about how she has been getting use to eating 1 or 2 times a day. She has been getting super skinny but she has been carrying for her own mom, like I would. Her mom has also chosen favorites and Miranda has noticed that one of her kids have been getting 3 meals and not 2. So when Miranda and her mom were fighting her mom knew she knew.

If the world was to come to an end I would try as much as I can to help get extra food thing like that. I don't really worry about the moon coming close to the Earth but if it was suppose to I would work on getting food and water.  I can see why Miranda gets into fights with her mom or anyone because it is difficult to live they way they are. They weren't prepared for the moon to come close to the Earth and causing all the storms. I still think its weird that the book has just brought up the conflict right away. I like how Miranda's dad helped and brought them more food which was nice and made me feel like they wouldn't have any arguments against them. I honestly think it would be tough to live with just a few food because I would get super worried and I would also cause arguments, sometimes when people are hungry they get angry things like that. So I kinda of like the book.

The End

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