Do you remember when?Mature

do you remember

When you held me tight,

and said you'd never let the cold hands of the world take me?

When you talked

of running away,

to live, to love, to breath together? 

And do you remember when

I gave my heart to you

becuase I swore it was love.

And I thought you loved me, 

and not the idea of someone

to expirement

a world of hurt upon,

and see how long it'd take for me to crumble?

Do you remember

when you said those three words

that made me feel special?

And when you called me beautiful, when really, you were talking

about your fantasys

with sex.

When you said I was the only one, when you meant I was a girl, a sweet innocent girl,

that needed to be corrupted. 

Do you remember

when I caught you

with her? 

And do you remember

when you drenched

our book of love and our calender of our future

in the black,


blood you had created?

When I found out you were using me for the pleasures she couldn't give?

And the commitment and loyalty you couldn't recieve from her?

Do you remember how I screamed your name

in the darkness 

of this hole

you digged for me. With no flashlight.

And only 

the hope for a quick end

to light my way. 

Do you remember when I faught? 

When I yelled, I AM A DRAGON,

and you knew

you could no longer 

ignore me.

When I threw us away

When I knew you wern't wroth it,

When I knew she was better,


better than me.

I sit here in this hole now, waiting for someone

to save me.

you killed my soul.

And as I drown in my own air,

I will remember when

even when

you forget.

The End

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