a man and his life

 i dont want to feel this pain any more, i dont know what to do to help me. im sick of taking the pills  and i dont want to talk about it there is only one last thing to do. all the money and all the women and all the sweets in the world wont help me now . i hate my job i hate my life  it just never ending. and i try and i try but it wont stop  is it me or is it them that is  hurting me . have a party to stop it all its not work  you only meet more and its to unkind. you take the poison you say a few thing you really wanted to say you kiss and take then you go a lose control, and end it all. then your on tv ,in the paper   your famous now    they all care dont know why they stand and stair and bring flowers and cry   im not sure why.  they didnt know that i wanted to die .

The End

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