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Work forced by the workforce. Communities drowning without unity. What has this world come, wait, before I finish the thought. I know what this world is. This is a world where you can't end a sentence with a preposition. People electing weaker people, that pose themselves as humans. What a joke. We are all animals. Cannibals, breaking stride after one another, lions to wildebeest. Writers like me, we are lower on the food change. It's not a typo. Writers used to be on top. E. E. Cummings coming up and revolutionizing. Who else could pull off a novel without punctuation or capitalization?

i know i couldnt do it you guys would eventually get lost because unlike cummings i have no where to go my mind is absolutely blank in exemption to the episodes of family guy that are rerunning through it like a train

Stephen King hasn't written an original novel in 500 decades. He is a pharaoh, isn't he? I could be mistaken. C. S. Lewis, disguising religion in a religious world? Who has ever thought of that?! (Not Stephen King.) J. K. Rowling. Enough said. Three 14 year old girls and one guy that wishes he were a girl just thought about having Daniel Radcliff's baby.

I digress. Can you spot my mistakes? I've mistakenly called this a chapter when there is no prologue, epilogue or even a chapter two. Unless you feel like writing one. There is probably a misplaced comma or two in there, in addition. I've also mistaken the chapter title. Nothing to do with librarians. Or does it? Perhaps references to books has shined a limelight?

It hasn't. Contradictions are my downfall. Sporadic thoughts are the culprits. Suspects of murder. Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? It was this guy. I regret nothing. Not a single tear shed for courageous brain cells you've lost. This isn't even long enough to be classified as a chapter. If you can keep up, feel free to add onto the dotted line while keeping meaning. Unfortunately, you don't even know what I mean. I do. It's still fun to write. Flows, doesn't it? Probably not. The choice is yours.

Anyway, there is one question I will ask before the end of each of my posts.

This is my first one:

What is your opinion on today's teenagers and their technology?


The End

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