Levenn Poker

a short play about 3 kids and a big adventure




Levenn Poker(M)~ around 12 years of age, likes adventure,leader of the group, often wears a blue bandanna and safariesque shorts.

Luke Robinson(M)~ around 11 years of age, often follows Levenn around, wears a stripy tee and plain jeans.

Amy Green(F)~ around 12 years of age, the sensible one, wears a pink blouse and denim skirt.


Smack Rabbit(a/g)~ a drunkard talking rabbit who Levenn and his friends have taken to as the 'Smack Rabbit'

Gate Girl~ a ghost girl who guards the gate to the World of Adventure. 

Mrs Poker~ Levenn's mother.

Mr. Green~ Amy's father.

Mr&Mrs. Robinson~ Luke's parents.


Flower Faria #1}

Flower Faria #2}                                   (Fairies of flowers)

Flower Faria #3}


Dancer #1

Dancer #2


Tree Child #1

Tree Child #2

Tree Child #3


The End

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