"Dear D"

Dear D,

You have been an amazing friend to me. Our friendship grew so much during college and you were with me when people started going against me (all that situation, choosing between Megan and Sophie). You were the only one that did stand with me and you were trying to fight for me. No matter that we lost that battle, but the thought that you were there for me was brilliant. We often have personal talks, you know how I feel about relationships, you were, I think, the first person that found out about the knife. 

We had some bad times, I am not saying we didn't. But, maybe, they made our friendship even stronger. All that argument that I am supposedly trying for Kinga wasn't great, but that is now in the past. 

Mostly importantly, we said we are Creative Souls Inc and that will never change. We both love writing, we both have passion for it and you have amazing talent when it comes to drawing. And I  do mean a.m.a.z.i.n.g talent, so please don't just throw it away. I know you are in a way like me when it comes to creativity. You never think your work is good enough, but I can assure you, you have some really great ideas, I would tell you if something was up with them and vice versa, I know you would do the same for me.

I value our friendship so much because it helped me through many times. And I hope I am good enough friend for you, I hope you can count on me if something will happen. I want to be a person you can totally trust with things.

Thank you for everything you done for me, for listening to me so many times that probably it made your ears bleeding. Just... I am kind of speechless, so I will just say thank you, thank you!

Your friend Wookie  

The End

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