"Dear Mrs. Blue Cheese"

Dear Mrs. Blue Cheese, 

I know I will have the biggest trouble with writing this one... because you mean so much to me that words become useless. But, I will give it my best try. Because, I am more than sure, that you are close to my heart. Sorry, wrong. You are not close to my heart, you are my heart.

I met you just at the right time. When I was filling like the world was falling at top of me, I met you on this amazing website and you gave me loads of reasons so far to show real smile and laugh to tears. I think my friends are sick and tired of listening about you, but you are just so big part of my life even though we haven't ever met in real life yet. But, I trust you with my life and you know loads about me. More than anyone I think.

I hate, so, so, SO much that I cannot be there for you in real life. It does hurt a lot that I am unable to give you a hug, just physically be there for you. Everything from me is digital... just like this letter. It annoys me beyond any description. Makes my heart bleed.

Talking about being beyond the description, that's you. I know you will disagree, but you have been so amazing to me. I don't know what I would do without you... I would be lost, very lost. You know that you give me the power every single day to keep going? I never saw more caring heart in anyone. And I swear what I am saying is true.

I remember every little bit you said. Why? Because what you think, your dreams and fears are very important to me. I want to help you in any way I can and I will not leave your side, no matter what will happen. I hate the fact that words are not enough to describe you... funny, helpful, kind, creative, passionate.. those are only one of the millions adjectives I could use.

Our late talks were always leaving me smiling. And your texts before you went on the plane made me cry. And it takes a lot to make me cry. In my eyes you are my small angel. I'm sure I will never forget you in my life and I will do anything to make sure that one day my dreams will become true and we will meet. I more than loved the stories that me and you created. Creating those stories with you was the best time I had in life. And with your writing, I am sure that you will get very far!

I hope you can trust me. I know I am only over internet, but I want to be someone you can tell things. Someone you like talking to. Someone that you can share your happiness, but also sadness with. I want you happy more than anything. I know that you are probably thinking it sounds cliche, but I mean it.

I love you <2 and I couldn't wish for a better person to come to my life. If all the suffering I had in my life was a payment to meet you then it was worth it.

I wish you all the best!

Mr. Cheese 

The End

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