Random words

Feeling kinda of absent minded and a little ruff around the edges of my fragile mentality.There is this irk or awareness of glum.But then again maybe that is because i feel no longer in control of certain events in my natural life,steps that had been taken in order to be by myself have taken a no turn or even a a full stop.

Works makes me not unhappy but still, there should be more and not less,more of share and less winning.Goals achieved and not just doing a lot of heavy lifting and no nonsense existence where only the lame and stupid are rewarded. 

I am aware that it sounds a lot like winning and it is,but I feel i can`t talk to my direct in command about what rotation of staff or the unbalance of quality in the same.

And every day i return home i feel that i have accomplish nothing,so where thus this lead me ?

In search of a new place to work ?

Maybe,but seriously,there is no sense of belonging anywhere at all.

The End

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