Days ahead and plans...

I get up and mostly these days there is a prelude of either pain or just hunger,deep hunger that only meat can extinguish,saddly another 8 days prevent me from making a true pig of myself and just inhaling the food I crave the most ! :( If you ever have to make the decision from removing wisdom teeth and living it well alone,trust me,Leave it alone!!!! Work is avarage at the time being ,I am now an owner of a good laptop that i rarely use,i am also listed for a flat with the council in machester and by the end of teh year i will start my course,i have a goal in the coming years of what i want to accomplish for myself in the next 5 years and most is about me for a change. For once the future is about waht i can do for me ,not others and for once i will stick with this plan. It is time others fend for themselfs and if tehy don`t like it,thought. No more looking after everyone and not me.
The End

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