A mile in my shoes

Since the 25 of June there hasn`t been a day that I have been able to spend more than 1 hour without pain,severe pain.Having had two wisdom theet out that day aldough necessary prove to be a more unappropriate decision ever!

Since I have staff currently on holiday my request for a week of sick pay is not a choice and bettween a course of antibiotics and strong painkillers and double shifts I have come to  only one truth.

I hate dentists.

They supply with a service that may be necessary but is as close to pure evil as I have come across!

Reading numbs no pain.Who can concentrate in a plot when you entire face is exploding waves of severe agony ?

Films are a no go as well for the same reason and any choise of food is to be made based on the capacity of: "Can it be blend ?"

Honestly,kill them all,the dentists that is!!

I know I am full of self pitty but I deslike being hill,I funtion very unwell when requested to do less than my normal full effort,I fell like I am failing something or someone,propperly just in my head but still I fell like a failure and that above all else(in this case all else is just pain),is the worst.

At least I am able with all the lack of sleep  to sit and write again.

Pain o, writting 1


The End

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