Bellow and above

Is there a code to living ?

Or even living well ?

Most likely most of us will quote a standart of moral codes and other will simply tell that we muddle through as we go along trying not to do much damage but the bold will say that if we are only trying to blend in where is the jest that salts our life ?

Passion is what can I compare it to ? I shall compare it to an onion,layers upon layers of stuff,and if you are lucky enough those layers will be rich not in biterness but in what the real jest of like is,mana from heaven,ambrosia.

And maybe sometimes if the other part of us is really keen we are capable  of grand things,superbs acts of grandiosity and ultimely we pass as Humans.

And so with a few good moments in my heart and a lighter speed to my walk I move on and I allow myself to smell the roses  whatever form they may come my way.

 I have in me a few more questions that have a passing  tought in my brain ,none that will make its way here just yet but soon it will appear.

I can feel it lingering in the tips of my fingers awaiting to become alive.

The End

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