Lack of .....

As i remenbere from writting in the begining,there was little to say and much to try and say.Today i barely make it here not for lack of wanting to express my inner thoughts or hopes,just lack of time and to be very honest lack of will.

I read more and since i am in the process of bringing 2 of the most important people in my family back to England I find I dont want to spend most of my free hours here.

Sorry,but that is one truth,the other is I have Paul now.

I rather spend my days and nights talking to Paul and my sons on line than writing here or on my papers and also my work life is very busy right now,so I find I have a  lot of excuses and little options of how to solve this new lack of interest but I remember why i came here in the first place that hasn`t changed only I have.

The End

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