T.V. On and nothing to report....

The way to discard all coeherent thought out of the window and write is no more lenient to me than self ......I am unable to write the following natural sequence to that sentence on account of use of profanity.

Anyway,the missuse of language is something i hold near to my capacity to misspell english words and use of others in my own twisted brain in order to justifie talks to myself.

I sit here in  front of this computer typing away as the man in my life sees the film"2012",what rubish!!

But on another point altogether I have a good book on my bag!

So,yeah to that and early nights to bed.

I may have a tendency to be very critical of how life should be lived in our society and just tonight as the debate for the coming elections was on,I was showed by non other than the boyfriend how strong my convictions are.

Can I compromise ?

Do I want to ?

Can I ?



The End

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