A new chapter in my life and the fact that I am Happy...

Well where do I start from ?

Of course, from the very begining.

So,here I was trying to book my holidays for Zambia planing on starting my BA in pshicology course and I get this news that I am being considered for promotion to store manager! I know,it was to say the least unexpected,but I reconsidered my plans and it couldnt have happened at a more appropriate time for this all year my eye has been on Mr .Rayner.

It took him a year to ask my out and ,to this day I call him "An idiot!,not really,but why do men that we like arent capable to see we really like them ?

You explain that to me,I am not saying that while waiting for him to ask me out I was sexually not active(I was),but sex without caring for the one you share you body with is very unfullfiling,it really is.

I can only compare it to a dish without salt,no flavour.

Anyway,here I am on the 4 of March runing the store i started to work a year ago,and I already see the future before my eyes.

I see the return home of my sons,I see myself sharing all that I am with Rayner,and soon starting my course,but above all I see myself happy.

Now that is the greatest change of all.

Thank you God,for everything you have done in my life and everything you have instore for me in the coming future.

I praise you God.


The End

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