Return Home

Here I was ready to leave this place untouched until my inspiration returned or at least my heart beat increase to some demure of feeling that yet again connected me to this world of words.

No such luck !I see know that I am made of toughter fabric of life,this new year so far has brought me so much.

Let me lift you the fabric that surronds me life right now.I have moved home,and because of that the lifes of those who used to live before me will return there soon,as soon as 16 or 20 of February.My heart still races before I close my eyes,I visualise what it will be like being near them close enough to smell sweet innocense that is Mica and Lucas once again...And then this week started and I found out the reason why Faye is so quiet.

I am being promoted on the 1 of April,the store I wanted to run,will in fact be mine to do so from the above date forward,I shall be on a 3 month trial and after that I go on a bonus scheme plus salary,and from April I get my pay raise of course with the new position,it only means from a sad point of view I shall not work with Faye,unless something goes wrong,nothing will go wrong.

I see myself in 5 years time owning my own store even less than that!!!

But the fact Mica and Lucas will be just around the corner from me that is just Heaven.

This year I will rent another home and as soon it will be possible to arrange with their father an agreament to have them on my days off.

There is also the conference in April,I created the invitations and negociated the contract with the venue place geting a few perks with it for free.

I think Martha (one of the food and bevearage managers with the hotel),may deslike my skills where negotiation is concerned by now,poor Martha !!!

I have has well been invitated to go to Zambia in April after the conference or and please dont laugh in advance when I say this next name:Pakistan.

Seriously,I have but saddly I cant,not with the promotion just around the corner there is much to do in less than 4 weeks.

I left this site on less than 500 chapters and by sheer change "Adieu",was what send me to a higher level.Irony...

Anyway,I am still reading,I have find the course I want to do on line and it is not too expensive,and I am dying to have Maggie back on uni,that women keeps me awake at night by talking so much,trust me after the first night the sparkle goes!!!lol :)

I shall miss her until Easter but dont tell her I can barely wait for Sunday(that is when she goes back).

By the way Margaret is my best friend...




The End

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