" Let thy words mean something,something of substance and  something of value,that all the read may be touched and acknowledge this truth."

Now,I thought about what I like to write about and the sad truth is that I relly on romance,for me two people discovering the power of love is quite empowering and liberating,and yet that is not the truth I seek telling here.

So ?

What is left ?

And  reach the conclusion that Protag is done where I am writing,I find no joy in creating fictional caracters that have no real meaning and by a sheer joint effort may or may not be really good even in this realm of non believe.

Justice,self value,moral guidances norm and a lot of other things go trough my mind every day.

I see life not in black and white anymore but with its full colours and writing here brings no joy in my life anymore it was simply a step to ease the ache that existed when Maggie left to study law in Hull,Maggie being not only my best friend but I consider her my true sister,siter of my heart  and joy of my patience most times.

She is currently in her 2 year and today it is her 23 birthday.

Happy birthday baby sister !!!


She would kill me if she knew i reffered to her in terms of "baby",but since our age gap is over 10 years I think I am allowed...  :)

But I started here because she left and I was lost,but since then I have found only truth.

I am not alone in life,aldought I do live in the company of her mother(maggie`s mum that is),doen`t make me less alone,the truth is it makes it impossible to be alone,at least fisically.

I am loved by people who surrond me without asking for it,I am simply loved.

Do you realise how blessed people are by having just one person who loves them ?

Do you ?

Love changes lifes,people,places and eventually it will change everything in you and around you.

And that is mainly the reason why I write less and less here.

I was searching for something to justify staying alive on earth,instead I found myself a family,not on this site but oustide this net walls of make believe,in the Masulala`s I found a reason to just allow others to see me.

The real me,the abused child,the woman who has no time for relanshionships,the one who rarely believes in miracles,the sometimes very forceful negociator who drives Beatrice mad(maggie`s mum),and the one who found on this site a mother and a friend.

So,to Sharon and Dayla,my due respects they are without a doubt the only reason I still come here and read and sometimes post.

To them I praise.

To them I say thank you for being part of my life.

To them I say,love you both so much.

All the best for the rest of you ,but a special thank you for all the fun to Sly(Edgar),and Kevichella(Kevin),for these two I whish all the best in the world and lots of love,from moi.

Until the next time.



The End

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